What are e-consultations and the other services offered by GPs online?

E-consultations provide a simple and secure communication channel to your GP when you need health care that is not urgent. You can only use e-consultations when you do not need to attend in person.

General practitioner interacting with a patient online

The range of services you will see when you log in will depend on the services that your GP offers.

If your GP does not offer any digital services via Helsenorge, you will be notified when you log in. Even if your GP does not offer any digital services via Helsenorge, you will still be able to view your GP’s contact details when you log in.

The services that are offered via Helsenorge are:

  • Start e-consultation
  • Contact your GP’s surgery
  • Renew prescription
  • Book an appointment
  • Some GPs may also offer flu vaccine appointments


These services require consent to Full Access.

Start e-consultation

E-consultation is an appointment with your GP which takes place online via audio, video or text messaging.

The normal user fee and invoicing fee is payable for this service.

You can only use this service when you do not need to be physically present. The service should not be used for urgent medical assistance or emergencies.

Contact your GP’s surgery

The "Contact your GP’s surgery” service provides you with a secure channel via which you can communicate with your GP’s surgery. This service can be used for administrative matters, such as the taking of holiday and access issues. Questions submitted via this service will normally be answered by the reception at your GP’s surgery.​ You cannot access health care services via this service.

Renew prescription

If your GP offers it, you can send a request to have your prescriptions renewed directly from Medicines when you are logged in to Helsenorge. There you will find a clear summary of your prescriptions and how much is left on your prescription​.

Book an appointment

You can easily book an appointment at a time that is convenient for you when it suits you. You will also be able to view your booked appointments and cancel them.

Two solutions for booking appointments are available via helsenorge.no when you are logged in:

  • Timebestilling (Book appointment) - this service enables you to view appointment times that your GP’s surgery has made available for booking, to select from them and to book an appointment directly.
  • Forespørsel (Enquiry) - you can also send a message to your GP and request an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. The enquiry will be dealt with manually by the administration office at your GP’s surgery. You will receive confirmation once your appointment has actually been booked.

Your GP’s surgery will decide which of the alternatives should be offered.​

Book flu vaccine appointment

Some GP’s surgeries also offer an appointment service for the flu vaccine. If your GP offers this service, you will see a button for it in the GP panel when you log in.