How to put on a condom

Here is a guide on how to put on a condom. Before you start using a condom, check the date on the packet. Condoms that have expired cannot be used.

Condoms should have a valid date before use.

1. Open the package

 Carefully open the package as shown in the diagram.

2. Roll the condom out

Roll the condom out about a half a centimetre and squeeze out the air in the tip between two fingers. This ensures that there will not be an air pocket in the condom and that the semen will collect in the tip of the condom.

3. Roll the condom on

Roll the condom on when the penis is erect.

The condom must be in place throughout intercourse to protect against sexually transmitted infections.

4. Use a lubricant

Use a lubricant if the vagina is dry or if you practise anal sex. 

5. Hold around the condom when you pull out

Hold around the condom and pull out of the vagina/anus while the penis is still erect.

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