Breast milk is the best food to give your newborn baby. You should ideally give your baby breast milk throughout the first year of life. All breastfeeding, including mixed feeding, is beneficial for both you as a breastfeeding mother and for your baby.

Kvinne som ammer et barn


Døgnåpen telefon- og chattetjeneste for omsorgspersoner som trenger hjelp, veiledning eller har behov for å lufte tankene sine med noen.

Matportalen presents information about food, health and physical activity to consumers from the Norwegian health and food authorities.

Trygg mammamedisin

Få råd fra fagfolk om trygg medisinbruk ved graviditet og amming. Tjenesten er gratis.


Information about pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period in Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Norwegian, Polish, Somali, Tigrinya and Turkish aimed at immigrants and others with a short period of residence.

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