Subsistence and accommodation

You may be entitled to reimbursement for your food and accommodation expenses when you travel to or from treatment.


You are entitled to reimbursement for your food and drink expenses if you are away from home for longer than 12 hours and are not given food and drink at the treatment centre. You will be entitled to a subsistence allowance according to fixed rates and you do not need to document your expenses when you apply.


The hospital or health institution is responsible for providing overnight accommodation in connection with admissions. For example, if you have to attend the day before you are due to be admitted in order to prepare for your treatment, the institution will be responsible for providing this accommodation.

You can claim reimbursement for your accommodation expenses according to a fixed rate from Pasientreiser in special cases, but only when an overnight stay is an essential part of your journey.

Your expenses for accommodation in connection with your travel can be reimbursed in the following cases:

  • Accommodation during the journey for transport-related reasons
    For example, if you are unable to travel by public transport or drive yourself without staying overnight in order to reach a treatment centre, you can claim a fixed rate for accommodation. You must remember to explain this in your application.
  • Accommodation during the journey for health-related reasons
    For example, if you have to stay overnight during your journey because you are unable to complete the journey in a single day, or because your health condition could deteriorate if you do not stay overnight during your journey, you can also claim a fixed rate for accommodation. In these cases, your treatment provider must document that an overnight stay is necessary.

Expenses for private accommodation in connection with a journey will not be reimbursed.

You may be entitled to claim your accommodation expenses if you have several treatment appointments within a short period of time and your combined expenses for accommodation would not be any greater than if you returned home between each appointment.

See the rates that apply here.



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Last updated Friday, June 11, 2021