User fees for physiotherapy

When you go to a physiotherapist, you will be entitled to have a certain amount of your treatment expenses covered. You will normally have to pay a user fee which counts towards your exemption card for health services.

A male physiotherapist treating a woman's neck

In order for your expenses to be covered, the physiotherapist must have an agreement with the municipality.

To find out whether the physiotherapist has an agreement, you can ask the physiotherapist or contact the municipality.

If your physiotherapist does not have such an agreement, you will have to pay all your expenses yourself.

You will have to pay a higher user fee if the physiotherapist has additional expertise as a specialist, such as manual therapy or psychomotor physiotherapy.

Check exemption card and user fees

Log in to find your exemption card, see registered user fees and change your account number.

Referral for physiotherapy

​You do not need to be referred to a physiotherapist in order to have your physiotherapy expenses covered.

General rule for payments to physiotherapists

Most patients must pay a user fee when they visit a physiotherapist.

Some groups are exempt from paying user fees for physiotherapy assessments and treatment.

This applies to:

  • children under 16
  • patients with an exemption card for health services
  • patients with an approved occupational injury (also applies to soldiers on initial military service)

User fees payable to physiotherapists and exemption cards

Only approved user fees will count towards your exemption card for health services. The maximum user fees per year for 2023 is NOK 3,040.

Physiotherapists are obliged to put up a notice stating the user fees and prices they charge.

Here are the most common user fees which count towards an exemption card:

​Physiotherapist ​User fee
​For assessments lasting up to 30 minutes (including assessments by manual therapists and other specialists) ​NOK 173
Supplement for diagnostic ultrasound for musculoskeletal disorders NOK 100
​Up to 20 minutes of treatment by a physiotherapist ​NOK 123
​For every extra 10 minutes ​NOK 37
​Separate charges apply for additional treatment/equipment use
​Up to 20 minutes of treatment by a manual therapist ​NOK 163
​For every extra 10 minutes ​NOK 59
​Up to 20 minutes of treatment by a physiotherapist with additional skills in psychomotor physiotherapy ​NOK 123
​For every extra 10 minutes ​NOK 39
​30 minutes of group therapy ​NOK 55
​60 minutes of group therapy ​NOK 97
​90 minutes of group therapy ​NOK 138
* The user fee depends on the form of treatment.  


By logging in to the service Exemption card and user fees ("Frikort og egenandeler") at you can view your exemption card and user fees.

You will receive an SMS or e-mail depending on what notifications settings you have made at

If you have paid to much in user fees, you will automatically get back the right amount.

Physiotherapy in the EU/EEA

You can have your expenses for certain types of physiotherapy in the EU/EEA covered in accordance with Norwegian rules.

Due to these rules you must pay for your treatment and then apply to Helfo for a refund afterwards.

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Last updated Sunday, January 1, 2023