Important information for foreign short-term employees in Norway

In order to avoid transmission of infection and the resulting loss of production, employees and employers must adhere to the following measures.

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Individual preventive measures

Follow good cough etiquette and good hand hygiene

Make every effort to keep at least 1 meter distance from other people
Stay home if you are sick and report to your supervisor

If you suspect COVID-19 – get tested

Follow all instructions given by authorities regarding quarantine, isolation and infection control measures 

Common preventive measures at the workplace

Employers are responsible for compliance with the regulations

Employers should develop a plan for infection control and preventive measures that adhere to official regulations

Employers should facilitate effective infection prevention

The employer shall establish and implement routines for management of suspected and confirmed coronavirus infection

  • Establish agreement with local healthcare authorities on management, including self-isolation, access to healthcare services and testing for coronavirus
  • Ways of accessing testing and medical consultation should be clarified, and the information should be distributed at the workplace
  • The employer must be ready to assist employees in contacting local healthcare services
  • All sick employees shall stay home, self-isolate and contact healthcare for testing

Inform all employees on how they can reduce the spread of COVID-19

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