Kindergarten, schools and higher education

What applies to kindergarten and schools at present?

School playground

Guidelines for infection control in kindergarten and schools

The measures for infection control are presented via the traffic light model in the national guidelines, based on the three levels of measures: green, yellow and red.

A yellow level of measures is introduced in kindergarten, primary and lower secondary school on a national level. A red level of measures as defined by local regulations take precedence over a yellow level of measures on a national level.

Red level of measures are introduced in upper secondary schools and educational institutions for adults.

Refer to the webpages of the relevant municipality for information on the level of measures that apply.

You can read more about the guidelines here:

The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training provides information for parents and children. Here you will also find information in different languages.

Regular testing is implemented in schools with a high level of infection.

Children in kindergarten and primary school can gather with their class/group/cohort with the required number of adults present.

Universities and university colleges 

Universities, university colleges, and vocational schools should facilitate digital teaching, skills training and exams as far as possible.

Live skills training by being physically present should be prioritised for on-site education, while following the measures for infection control.