About COVID-19 certificate

The COVID-19 certificate gives you an overview of the COVID-19 vaccinations which have been registered for you in the Norwegian Immunisation Register SYSVAK, COVID-19 tests and any previous COVID-19 infection.

How do you access your COVID-19 certificate?

If you have a national ID number or D-number, you can access your digital COVID-19 certificate by logging in to helsenorge.no. You can use BankID, BankID on mobile, Buypass ID on smart card, Buypass ID on mobile or Commfides e-ID. Find out more about how you log in to helsenorge.no.

The COVID-19 certificate has two control pages, one for Norway and one for the EU/EEA. Remember to use the EU/EEA tab of the COVID-19 certificate when traveling, also when entering Norway. This certificate has a blue colour.

What do you see in your COVID-19 certificate?

The COVID-19 certificate shows information about

  • your most recently registered COVID-19 vaccination
  • your COVID-19 recoveries during the past six months*
  • your recent negative test results for COVID-19 

This is your personal data, which you can show to other people if you wish. You will then be able to use the control pages with QR codes. 

The validity of the COVID-19 certificate will automatically be updated each time you retrieve it. The information is obtained from the National Institute of Public Health and is not stored by Helsenorge.

You can download your digital COVID-19 certificate to your mobile phone or tablet. It is not necessary to print the certificate if you have this available digitally. If you still want a printout, please arrange this yourself.

*Valid documentation of having had COVID-19 disease is an approved PCR test, antigen test or antibody test (not a rapid antibody test). If you know or suspect you have had COVID-19 disease, but you have no valid documentation to prove it, you can take an antibody/serology test (not a rapid antibody test) via a microbiological laboratory which reports to the MSIS laboratory database.

It is not possible to register test results from previously proven COVID-19 disease from abroad in MSIS.

For valid documentation of having had COVID-19, see Test results.

COVID-19 certificates for use in Norway and the EU and EEA

The COVID-19 certificate includes control pages with QR codes. You may be asked to show these at border crossings within the EU/EEA, entry into Norway, domestic use in Norway or in other situations where this information is required.

The COVID-19 certificate consists of two different control pages - a control page for use in Norway and a control page which you can present abroad and at border crossings:

  • Norway: The control page for use in Norway will turn green or red. This will be determined automatically using rules based on your registered test results and vaccination information. Find out more about what results in a green or red COVID-19 certificate in Norway.
  • EU/EEA: The control page used when entering Norway and when traveling to other EU / EEA countries has a blue colour. It is the rules of the country you are in which determines whether the certificate is valid. You will find an overview at Re-open EU. 

COVID-19 certificates for use at larger events in Norway

A negative test result that is less than 24 hours old or a status as protected will grant a green COVID-19 certificate. You are protected when you are fully vaccinated, 3–14 weeks have elapsed since receiving your first dose of the vaccine or you have recovered from COVID-19 during the past six months.

It will be possible to use the COVID-19 certificate at larger events, such as concerts, theatres, football matches and festivals, as well as domestic coastal cruises.

If you need to take a test in order to get a green COVID-19 certificate, you will be given clear information from the organizer or test provider for the event or coastal cruise on where to take a test. The test should be the rapid antige-based test and is free of charge. You will need to make sure the test is taken in due time yourself. 

Find out more about what you need to do prior to the event to be able to present your green COVID-19 certificate.

COVID-19 certificates for use in EU/EEA countries

From July 1st the EU Digital COVID Certificate will enter into effect. Most EU/EEA countries will then be connected to the EUDCC gateway and will be able to verify Norwegian COVID-19 certificates at their borders.

If you decide to travel abroad you are responsible for familiarising yourself with the quarantine, testing and infection control requirements in the country you are visiting. These requirements will vary from country to country.

An overview of which measures apply in the different EU/EEA countries is available on Re-open EU

See also: Norway becomes part of the EU's solution for COVID-19 certificates (government.no) 

COVID-19 certificates for use at the Norwegian border

If you are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 in the past six months, and can document this with a verifiable COVID-19 certificate that is connected to the EUDCC gateway, you will be able to enter Norway freely, regardless of which country you are travelling from.

You will also be exempted from the duty to quarantine, testing prior to arrival, testing at the border and the requirement of entry registration.

See the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) for entry rules to Norway for all citizens.

Rules which gives a green or red light in the COVID-19 certificate

The COVID-19 certificate shows whether you have recently had a negative test result, whether you have been vaccinated or whether you are immune after having had COVID-19 disease. Different rules have been drawn up for the COVID-19 certificate, which determine whether you are given a green or red control page in your Norwegian COVID-19 certificate.

Green and red certificates are only valid for domestic use in Norway, while the information given on the extended control page will be checked when entering Norway and when travelling to other European countries.

These are the rules that determine whether the COVID-19 certificate is given a green or red light in Norway:

Rules which give a green or red light in the COVID-19 certificate

Certificate validity  

You will get a green control page if any one of the three components (vaccination, immunity and negative test result) meets the requirements set out in the rules. If you get a green control page for more than one of them, the one with the longest duration will apply. There are differences between what results in a valid certificate (green control page) and how long the certificate is valid for (technical validity).

The COVID-19 certificate can be downloaded and used without internet access, or a paper version can be printed out and used. When the certificate is used in this way, it will have a limited duration of 90 days from the time of downloading or printing. Even if your full or protected status lasts longer than 90 days, you will either need to download it or print it again after 90 days in order to obtain a new valid certificate.

If you use the certificate on an app and are connected to the internet, an expiry date of up to 90 days into the future will be shown.

This does not mean that persons with “protected” or “vaccinated” status are only protected for 90 days. 

The COVID-19 certificate is only valid for 90 days into the future in order to prevent it from being misused, and to ensure that the certificate is consistent with what we know about virus, immunity and vaccines at all times.

COVID-19 certificates for non-digital users

If you are unable to use a smartphone, PC or tablet, you can order a COVID-19 certificate by post. You can also call the information hotline and ask to be sent a paper version of your COVID-19 certificate in the post. Please note that only the person who needs the certificate can call for assistance.

However, due to strong demand, it is recommended that the digital solution be used wherever possible, so that those with no alternative can get help. In the digital solution, it is also possible to print the certificate on paper.

Ordering via letter in the post

To order a COVID-19 certificate by post, you must have a Norwegian national ID number or D number. This applies for example to:

  • Persons who have a guardian. A guardian can order on behalf of the person concerned, provided that Helfo has registered the guardianship.
  • Persons who are resident in Norway but do not have an address registered in the National Population Register.
  • Persons who are resident abroad and do not have an address registered in the National Population Register.
  • Persons who are unable to call Helfo themselves and request a certificate.

What information must the letter contain?

Your letter must state that you wish to receive a COVID-19 certificate and give the following information:

  • Name, Norwegian national ID or D number, residential address, and the address you want the certificate to be sent to
  • Copy of valid ID (passport, Norwegian driving license or ID card)

You can use the following form to fill in the necessary details:

Order a COVID-19 certificate for non-digital users (PDF, Bokmål)

Where should I send it?

Send the letter and the copy of your ID to:

Postboks 2415
3104 Tønsberg

If you have a valid COVID-19 certificate, ift will be sent to you by post. It is not possible to have COVID-19 certificates sent to a digital mailbox. If your request contains errors or incomplete information, Helfo will not be able to dispatch your COVID-19 certificate.

You will normally receive your COVID-19 certificate within one to two weeks.

Ordering by phone

  1. Have your Norwegian national identity number or d-number near at hand
  2. Call the information hotline:
  • Opening hours at 08.00 - 15.30, Monday to Friday
  • From Norway: 815 55 015
  • From abroad: +47 21 89 80 42

The case officer will ask you to provide your national identity or d-number, your name and your registered address. Unfortunately, if the name and address you provide do not match your registered address, you will not receive the COVID-19 certificate. You must then contact the population register to check what is registered about you.

If you have a valid COVID-19 certificate, this will be sent by post.

Please note that it may take a week before you receive the certificate. You will therefore not be sent a COVID-19 certificate based on a negative coronavirus test because the test result is only valid for 24 hours.

Be aware that the certificate is valid from 90 days after printout.

Resident abroad?

You can use the solution for non-digital users described above if you are resident abroad and have a Norwegian national ID number or D number, but no bankID or other authorisation solution which gives you access to helsenorge.no. This assumes that your address abroad is registered with the National Population Register.

Don't have access to helsenorge.no?

If you do not have access to helsenorge.no, you can also give other people power of attorney (PDF) to print out your COVID-19 certificate. It takes at least 30 days to process requests for power of attorney. Please note that this power of attorney also gives access to other health data available via other digital health services on helsenorge.no.

Do the dates of birth on your COVID-19 certificate and passport differ?

The COVID-19 certificate obtains the date of birth from the National Population Register. Some people have been given a D-number which does not include the actual date of birth.

If you are using a foreign passport with a different date of birth, you can contact the Norwegian Tax Administration to request an explanatory confirmation of this.

You can also see how to apply to have the date of birth altered in the National Population Register.

Can't find your vaccination or test details in the COVID-19 certificate ?

Can’t find a vaccine?

The COVID-19 certificate retrieves the vaccination information from the Norwegian Immunisation Registry, SYSVAK. Only the most recent vaccination is shown on the certificate; previous vaccinations are shown on the vaccination page. If you cannot see your most recent COVID-19 vaccination, it has probably not been registered.

It may take some time between you being vaccinated and it being registered in SYSVAK. If the vaccination is not shown, you can contact the centre where you were vaccinated, so that they can register it.

Can’t find a COVID-19 test?

The COVID-19 certificate retrieves the information about test results from the MSIS Laboratory database. The summary shows the most recent test to be registered for you during the last seven days. You will only see the most recent test if COVID-19 was not detected.

If you have recently been diagnosed with COVID-19 disease, your most recent test may be hidden. You will then normally have to wait a few days before you can show a COVID-19 test result which does not indicate that you have COVID-19 disease.

On the test results page, you will be able to see all the COVID-19 tests you have had. If your test is missing from this page, it may not have been registered. You can contact the test centre and ask them whether they have registered your test result.

Have you had COVID-19 but cannot see any information about it?

The COVID-19 certificate retrieves the information about test results from the MSIS Laboratory database. You will normally be protected if you have had COVID-19 disease during the past six months. This will be shown on the certificate for six months from the date of the first test that detected COVID-19.

For some people, we are unfortunately unable to show that they are protected. This could for example be because it was not possible to automatically interpret your previous COVID-19 test results.

Documentation of COVID-19 recovery from abroad cannot be registered in MSIS.

Post-registration of coronavirus vaccines given outside of Norway

Entry of COVID-19 vaccinations given abroad in the Norwegian Immunisation Registry SYSVAK is possible provided there is credible written documentation. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has recommended that only vaccines having been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) can be registered in SYSVAK. This will apply regardless of where in the world the vaccine doses were administered.

The vaccines approved by EMA are the vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

In order to have your vaccination registered, you must also have a Norwegian national identity number or D-number.

Who can you contact to document vaccination?

The information can be registered before you travel to Norway. In order to document your vaccination abroad, you need to ask for a consultation with either

This should take the form of an online/video consultation where the doctor is shown the vaccine documentation and can make a discretionary assessment as to whether it can be approved as documentation or not.

What documentation do you need?

  • COVID-19 certificate issued in the EU / EEA, or
  • Written documentation of vaccination

You will have to pay for the vaccine registration consultation. If the consultation is with your general practitioner, you must pay the full fee because it will not be covered by the benefits budget.

Privacy policy for COVID-19 certificate Norway

The COVID-19 certificate presents information about your COVID-19 vaccinations, COVID-19 tests and any previous COVID-19 infection. This is your personal data, which you can show to other people if you wish. Find out more about the purpose and applications in the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s privacy policy for the COVID-19 Certificate Norway .