Students and posted workers in Québec

Norway has entered into a separate social security agreement for students and posted workers in Canada’s Québec province. Under the agreement, you will be entitled to health services in Québec under the rules applicable there.

Foto: HELFO / Morten Rakke

This entitlement means that your right to coverage under the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme will lapse and any matters relating to the coverage of healthcare expenses must be directed to the social security authorities in Québec. You can read more about the Social Security Agreement between Norway and Québec at (in Norwegian).

Please note that the rules concerning coverage of healthcare expenses may be different from those in Norway. You must, for example, have separate insurance to cover the cost of medication. Please familiarise yourself with the applicable rules on the provincial government’s health insurance board website: Régie de l´assurance maladie du Québec.

Any dependent family members who live with you in Québec will be entitled to the same health services as you. Family members refers to your spouse, dependent children or dependent cohabiting partner with joint children.

The following applies to posted workers:

You need to contact Helfo to request confirmation that you are covered by the Social Security Agreement between Norway and Québec. Your Norwegian employer needs to submit your Helfo documentation, including the exact dates of your stay.

The following applies to students:

You need to contact Helfo to request confirmation that you are covered by the Social Security Agreement between Norway and Québec. You need to submit the following information to Helfo.

  • Study documentation issued by the educational institution. The documentation must clearly state that you are following organised studies in Québec, the period of time during which you are studying/will study at the educational institution and the scope of the studies (full-time/number of hours per week).
  • If you are an exchange student: written confirmation from the university/school in Norway that the planned period of study in Québec will be undertaken in connection with studies in Norway.

Submit documentation to Helfo

Once you receive confirmation from Helfo, you will be able to contact the social security administration in Québec to confirm your insurance coverage in Québec.

If you require confirmation of healthcare entitlements for both yourself and dependent family members or if you are otherwise unable to use the digital form, you can complete and post the following form

to Helfo, Postboks 2415, 3104 Tønsberg, Norway.

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Last updated Tuesday, April 5, 2022