7-10 days after the birth


You will be visited by a public health nurse on day 7-10 after the birth of your child. The health centre will contact you to arrange a home visit by a public health nurse. If you have any questions or need advice and guidance before this, you can contact the health centre yourself.

It can sometimes take a little while for the health centre to receive notification from the hospital that your child has been born. You should contact the health centre yourself if you think it is taking too long to arrange a home visit.

During the home visit, you will be given information about the services that are available from the health clinic. You can also bring up any topics you are concerned about.

Who you will meet

  • public health nurse


The public health nurse will talk to you about topics such as:

  • interacting with your child
  • childbirth experiences
  • breastfeeding (in Norwegian) and/or breast milk substitutes (in Norwegian)
  • your child's sleeping patterns
  • caring for your child
  • parenthood, relationships, wellbeing and health
  • transition from couple to family
  • social network
  • smoking, alcohol and other drug use
  • child accidents and injuries
  • violence and abuse


Your child will be observed and examined without clothing, and the child's weight and head circumference will be measured.

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Last updated Friday, January 10, 2020