Two-year checkup


When your child is two years old, you will be offered an individual consultation at the health centre. During this consultation, you will meet both a public health nurse and a doctor. You will be asked whether there is anything you wish to discuss.

Who you will meet

  • public health nurse
  • doctor


The public health nurse will discuss topics such as:


The child's weight and height will be measured. The child’s vision, hearing and movement development (fine and gross motor skills) will be observed.

The doctor will also examine the child’s:

  • skin (rash, pallor)
  • mouth and oral cavity (teeth)
  • stomach
  • heart rhythm, respiratory tract and breathing pattern
  • hips and back (range of motion and misalignments)
  • the testicles on boys


In advance of this consultation, you may have been asked to fill in a form, where you answer questions about your child's language skills and motor development. The public health nurse will go through the answers with you.