Personal security alarm

People of all ages with a disability and others who may need to call for help urgently can be assigned a personal security alarm.

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A personal security alarm is a sensor that can for example be worn in a piece of jewellery around the neck or wrist.

The alarm is connected to a response service, which can arrange for the home help service to be contacted. If the alarm is activated, the response service or municipal personnel will come out at any time of day.

Who is eligible for a personal security alarm?

In cooperation with the individual patient or user, the municipality will assess whether a personal security alarm would be an appropriate part of the services provided.

When assessing whether you are eligible for a personal security alarm, the municipality will often consider factors such as:

  • Do you have an illness or condition which means you might need help urgently?
  • Is there a risk that you might fall and injure yourself?
  • Do you have any problems linked to insecurity or anxiety?

In some municipalities, everyone above a certain age will be offered a personal security alarm, regardless of their functional level and needs.

How to apply for a personal security alarm

If you need a personal security alarm, you can apply to your municipality for one. You can find out how to apply on the municipality's website or by contacting the municipality.

Once you have submitted your application, the municipality will be obliged to give you a written decision, regardless of whether or not your application is approved. If your application is rejected, a written explanation of the reason why must also be given in writing. The decision will also state the procedure and deadline for appeals.

You can appeal against the decision

You can appeal if your application is rejected. The municipality will then provide you with guidance on how to appeal.

Your appeal should be sent to the municipality, who will review the case. If the municipality does not uphold your appeal and you believe that the municipality’s rejection is a breach of your right to essential health and care services, the municipality will refer your appeal to the county governor for a final decision.

There is a patient and user ombudsman in every county. You can contact them for advice, guidance and information about your rights as a user or next of kin.

Health and Social Services Ombudsman

The ombudsman can help you with questions about health services and provide advice and guidance concerning your rights.

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