Personal support contact

Support contacts help other people spend their free time actively and in a meaningful way. If you need a support contact, and would like to have one, please contact the municipality where you live.

​What is a support contact?

Support contact is a service offered in all municipalities in Norway. The service is meant for children, young people, adults, and the elderly who need support and help in order to participate in cultural and leisure activities.

The most important task for a support contact is to help another person spend their free time actively and in a meaningful way. For example, a support contact can visit you at home, go to a café, the cinema, or sports events with you, or join you in other social activities.

If you need and wish to have a support contact, please contact the municipality where you live. 

Who can have a support contact?

​Children and adults who are in need of assistance, for example because of

  • somatic (bodily) or mental illness
  • injury or disorder
  • drug problem
  • social problems, or
  • disability

may be entitled to a personal support contact. All municipalities are obliged to have a support contact scheme. In collaboration with you, the municipality will decide whether you can be granted a support contact.

It is free to be assigned a support contact, but you must expect to have to cover your own expenses while you are with your support contact for admission to swimming pools, cinema tickets, food, etc.

Support contacts can be assigned individually, in groups or in collaboration with a voluntary organisation.

How to apply for a support contact

Contact your municipality if you think you need a support contact. You can find out more about how to apply for a support contact by contacting your municipality. In many places, the municipality's website will also have information.

Once you have applied, the municipality will be obliged to send you a written decision (individual decision), whether or not you are granted a support contact.

If your application is rejected, the reason for the rejection must also be stated in the notification (the decision). You must also be told how to appeal and the deadline for receipt of your appeal.

Your right to appeal

​If you are not satisfied with the decision you have received, you can appeal. This applies both if you disagree with the number of hours you have been allocated and if your application has been rejected. The municipality will then advise you how to appeal.

Your appeal must be sent to your municipality, which will then review the case. If the municipality does not uphold your appeal, it will be referred to the county governor for a final decision.

There are patient and user ombudsmen in all counties. You can contact them if you need advice, guidance or information regarding your rights as a user or next of kin.

Content provided by The Norwegian Directorate of Health

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