Requisitioned patient travel

You may be entitled to requisitioned travel if, for health- or transport-related reasons, you are unable to travel by public transport, drive yourself or be driven.

Travelling with a requisition means that the patient travel office will arrange the travel for you and choose the most appropriate form of transport. You should expect there to be some waiting time and several patients will travel together if this is possible. You will only have to pay one user fee for the journey if you are covered by any grounds for exemption or you have an exemption card.

There must be either health- or transport-related reasons why you need requisitioned transport for all or part of your journey. If requisitioned transport has been arranged for part of your journey, you can apply for support for travel expenses for the legs of your journey which you completed on your own.

View, change, cancel and confirm requisitioned travel

Log in to Helsenorge to see an overview of, and information about, future requisitioned patient travel. You can also cancel and confirm requisitioned travel.

If you are unable to or do not wish to use the digital service, please contact your patient travel office.

Change a requisitioned journey

Travel which has been requisitioned for health reasons and which will take place by either taxi or minibus can be altered at Helsenorge. If you have booked such travel, you can make certain changes to the travel yourself by logging in.

If the scheduled time of your treatment has changed, you can change the date and time you need to arrive at the treatment centre by, and the earliest pickup time after treatment.

You can change the address for the start of your journey and for your return destination after your treatment. In addition to the address that is registered for you in the national population register, you can choose between addresses which your patient travel office has registered. This is normally the address of your workplace, school or the second address for children who have two places of residence. You can also add other addresses yourself, but the journey must then be shorter than the journey from your registered address.

You can add or remove certain special needs that have been registered for requisitioned travel. To change any other special needs, you will need to call Pasientreiser. Remember that if concerns medical needs, it will be the treatment provider who determines this.

Changes must be made no later than 1.00pm on the last working day before the travel is scheduled to take place.

Cancel requisitioned travel

If requisitioned travel has been arranged for you which you no longer need, you can cancel it by logging in to Helsenorge. It is mainly travel by taxi and Helseekspress that can be cancelled digitally. You can cancel your travel at any time up until the driver receives the booking from Pasientreiser. You cannot digitally cancel your travel once it has been booked or if you are travelling by air or with other patients.

Confirm requisitioned travel

Most journeys do not need to be confirmed, but if a journey that has been arranged needs to be confirmed by you as the patient, you can do so by logging in to Helsenorge. It is mainly travel by taxi, Helseekspress and Helsebuss that can be confirmed digitally, up until 1pm on the last working day before the journey is scheduled to take place. Return journeys can be confirmed as soon as you know when your treatment will be finished.

If you have a journey that cannot be cancelled or confirmed digitally, or if you do not wish to log in, you can cancel or confirm by calling Pasientreiser on 05515.

Requisitioned travel for health reasons

Your treatment provider will decide whether you need requisitioned travel for health reasons.

Possible health reasons include:

  • significant reduction in orientation ability
  • significant reduction in general condition
  • mental health problems, which make it difficult for you to travel by public transport or in your own car
  • reduced mobility, which causes you to have difficulty walking or getting in and out of a vehicle, or to need an adapted vehicle

The responsible treatment provider will normally requisition travel to and from treatments which they provide. The first time you are referred for a treatment, the referring treatment provider will requisition the travel for you.

Your treatment provider must also document whether you need to be accompanied by a travel companion or whether you have any special needs while travelling.

Requisitioned travel for transport-related reasons

If there are transport-related reasons why you need requisitioned transport for all or part of your journey, you must contact Pasientreiser as soon as possible, and by no later than 1pm on the last working day before the treatment date. Possible transport-related reasons include the absence of public transport on a route.

The general rule is that you will not be entitled to requisitioned transport for transport-related reasons if the distance to the treatment centre is less than ten kilometres. ​​​

Children travelling via requisitioned transport

Children under the age of 18 have the right to be accompanied by a travel companion during the journey, regardless of whether or not a travel companion is necessary for health reasons.

If the child is to travel alone via requisitioned transport, an assessment will be made to determine whether it would be prudent for the child to travel unaccompanied.

If the child needs to be accompanied by a travel companion for health reasons and it is therefore not prudent for them to travel alone, the child’s treatment provider will be responsible for documenting this. In the case of children who do not need a travel companion during the journey for health reasons, the patient travel office will assess whether it is prudent for the child to travel alone.

The patient travel offices must adhere to the following guidelines for assessing whether or not unaccompanied travel is prudent:

  • Children under school age must not travel alone, because this would not be considered prudent.
  • Children from 5-6 years old up to 12 years old must be accompanied by a travel companion during the journey. In special cases where the child has to travel alone, an overall assessment must be made in collaboration with the guardian. But as responsible for the transport, the patient travel office makes the final decision.
  • Children over the age of 12 can travel unaccompanied, but a specific assessment of acceptable risk must be carried out based on factors such as travel distance, the need to change between modes of transport during the journey, etc.

It is assumed that the child's carers will act as travel companions if it is not deemed prudent for the child to travel unaccompanied. In the case of air travel, specific requirements apply regarding when a travel companion is required.

Special needs

​You may have special needs which need to be taken into account during your journey. Your treatment provider is responsible for deciding what these needs are and for communicating them to the patient travel office when the travel is booked.

Special needs may include:

  • Travel companion
  • Adapted sitting position
  • Child seat
  • Electric wheelchair
  • Manual wheelchair



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