Contact Pasientreiser (Patient travel)

To contact Pasientreiser, please call 05515.

You have the right to complain about your patient travel. You will find more information about your right to appeal here.


If you have any questions about completing the expenses claim form, the coverage of travel expenses, booking your patient travel or complaining, you can contact Pasientreiser on 05515.

Opening hours

For questions about reimbursement for patient travel expenses:

  •  Monday to Friday: 08.00-15.30

For questions about requisitioned patient travel:

  • See opening hours for your local Patient travel office

From abroad

If you are abroad, you can contact Pasientreiser on 0047 915 05 515.

How much does it cost to call?

Calling 05515 costs the same as calling an ordinary phone number. If your subscription includes free calls, calls to our number will be free.

Hearing or speech impairment

If you are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment, you can use Telenor's text phone service to contact Pasientreiser.

To do this, send a text message to 149.

An operator with a duty of confidentiality will deal with your request and contact Pasientreiser on your behalf.

To use the service, you must first register as a user on Telenor's website.

Find out more on Telenor's website for the hard of hearing.

Pasientreiser’s offices

Pasientreiser’s offices are responsible for booking and planning requested patient travel. There are 17 local patient travel offices in Norway. Please contact your nearest Pasientreiser office for assistance in booking patient travel or clarifying your needs as regards special transport.

Postal address for expenses claim forms

Submit the signed paper version of the application form via a secure messaging service (you must log in via the ID portal when you click the link) or to the following postal address:

Pasientreiser HF
Postboks 2533 Kjørbekk​
3702 Skien

If you have a secret address or have a trip in connection with a breach of deadline, tuberculosis checkup or organ donation, you must send your expenses claim form to a special address.

Submitting documentation

If you want to send in documentation to support an application you have already submitted, you must submit it by post. Remember to mark the documentation with your name and case number. Documentation should be sent to:

Pasientreiser HF
Postboks 2533 Kjørbekk
3702 Skien

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