Power of attorney

Power of attorney ("Fullmakter")

You may give power of attorney to other people to use services at Helsenorge on your behalf, and you may obtain a corresponding power of attorney from others. You can also view how long the powers of attorney are valid, change or terminate any power of attorney you have granted, or create a new one.

You must be 16 years of age or older to grant power of attorney, and 18 years of age or older to receive power of attorney to use services on behalf of others.

You can choose what the power of attorney covers by selecting one or more of the three service areas. The power of attorney will automatically apply to new services within the selected areas as they become available. This option is suitable for those who both now and in the future would like as much help as possible to keep track of their health situation through digital services. If services which are considered to be a significant change are added, you may need to confirm the power of attorney again.

Currently, you can only give power of attorney to others to use some of the services on your behalf. Eventually, more services will be added, so that next of kin can help as much as possible with digital healthcare. You will never be able to give others access that exceeds your own access.

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