Sterilisation is a small operation that removes the ability to have children. The main rule is that anyone who lives in Norway and has reached the age of 25 can be sterilised if they wish.

Effective contraceptive method

Sterilisation is an effective method of contraception for both women and men and it very seldom fails. Basically, sterilisation is an irreversible procedure. Women are sterile immediately after surgery, while men are only sterile after three months. Research shows that the vast majority of sterilised people are very happy with their decision. You can read more about how the procedure is done in the brochure (in Norwegian) Informasjon om sterilisering (PDF).

It is the partner who does not want to have more children who should have the operation. Since this is a decision that will have consequences for many years, it should not be a consideration that the operation is simpler or cheaper for the man.

You must apply for sterilisation

A person who wishes to be sterilized must fill out the form. Request for sterilisation (PDF) in which the person also affirms that they have received the necessary information. The doctor sends the form with the application to the hospital or specialist who performs such procedures. Consent from a spouse or cohabiting partner is not required.

Exemptions from patient payment

If the sterilisation procedure is carried out while the person has been admitted to a hospital for another treatment or cause, for example in connection with childbirth, it is not necessary for the hospital to demand patient payment for the procedure.

Exemptions have also been introduced from the rule on increased patient payment for sterilisation if the procedure is due to a “medical indication”. The exemption is for women who, for medical reasons, should not become pregnant (where there is a risk to life and health), women who do not tolerate other contraception and those who are covered by special conditions for sterilisation under a particular permit, i.e. with a procedure after a decision of the sterilisation board. Increased patient payment for the procedure was brought in some years ago and it is now far higher for women than for men.

99% of all sterilisations are performed at the person’s own request. About 20-30 applications are handled by the sterilisation boards each year.

Sterilisation in special cases

There is a sterilisation board in every county. Among other things, the board decides on applications for sterilisation from persons under the age of 25 and persons with a serious mental illness or developmental disability, as well as persons who are mentally impaired.

The application for sterilisation is sent to the governor in the county where the person who wishes to be sterilised is resident. A checklist has been prepared for doctors when submitting an application for sterilisation (PDF).

Olafia Clinic

Centre for counselling, examination and treatment of sexually transmitted infections at Oslo University Hospital. 

Sex og samfunn

Centre for youth sexuality. Sex og samfunn is a service for people under the age of 25 which provides guidance and prescriptions for contraception as well as the opportunity to get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

The public information channel for young people. 

The contraception guide in several languages

Overview of all contraceptives, available in Norwegian, English, Urdu, Polish, Somali, Arabic and Tigrinya.


Information about sex and cohabitation in Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Norwegian, Polish, Somali, Tigrinya and Turkish, aimed at immigrants and others with short periods of residence.

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