Treatment within the EU/EEA or Switzerland in the event of medically unjustifiable long waiting times in Norway

If you are not offered treatment within a medically justifiable period of time in Norway, you can apply to Helfo for prior authorisation to have your treatment in another EU/EEA country or Switzerland.

Doctor in surgery

Your rights

You must document that your health is such that it is not medically justifiable for you to wait any longer for the treatment concerned in Norway. The assessment will be carried out by Helfo based on the documentation you provide.

Please note that:

  • only treatment which is available in Norway under the national public health service can be approved;
  • you will need to find a treatment centre which is affiliated to the public health service in the country providing the treatment yourself;

If your prior authorisation is granted, you will not need to pay for the cost of the treatment yourself. You will have to pay any user fees yourself. You should check whether the country providing the treatment charges user fees for the treatment you will receive.

If you have already had the treatment, you can apply for retrospective authorisation. However, Helfo recommends that you apply in advance as this will reduce your financial risk.

Submit an application

You must complete the application form and send it to Helfo, along with the necessary documentation. If you are applying after receiving the treatment, you must submit the application within six months passing from the (each) treatment date.

Attach the following documentation:

  • documentation of your state of health (e.g. medical record/discharge summary)
  • documentation that you have been waiting or expect to have to wait longer than is medically justifiable
  • documentation of how far you have progressed in your treatment pathway in Norway
  • information about the treatment you have received abroad, including an estimate of the cost
  • information showing that the treatment centre is part of the public health service in the country providing the treatment

Send the application to: Helfo, Postboks 2415, 3104 Tønsberg.

Claim processing time

Helfo expects to process claims within 4 weeks. Claims where the deadline for medical treatment has already expired will be processed within 1 week.