About Helsenorge

Helsenorge is the official website for information about and access to health services for residents of Norway. The information is provided by various operators in the health sector, and Norsk Helsenett is responsible for operating and developing the website.

Helsenorge is divided into two main parts:

  • information pages, where you will find quality-assured health information on a wide range of topics
  • self-service solutions, where you can access various health-related online services

Information pages

On these pages, you will find quality-assured and up-to-date information about health, lifestyle, disease, treatment and rights. You can also search for GPs who have available space.

The information is provided and quality-assured by public health actors and a number of hospitals in Norway. The list of partners can be found here (in Norwegian).

Self-service solutions

By logging in to Helsenorge, you can access a wide range of self-service solutions and view health information that has been registered about you. You can for example view and edit your Summary Care Record, switch to another GP, get an overview of your prescriptions and check your vaccines. Some services are only available in certain parts of the country.

The purpose of Helsenorge

Helsenorge is designed to give individual patients or their next of kin better and simpler access to the health services, and help them to cope and improve their health while strengthening the patient role.

Helsenorge aims to:

  • make it easier to find and choose treatment
  • give you access to your health information
  • provide self-services and self-help
  • provide information and advice about good health and lifestyle, symptoms, disease, treatment and rights

Helsenorge does not replace contact with the health service

The information on Helsenorge is provided by various organisations in the health sector and is intended to provide you with general knowledge. It is not a substitute for medical assessment or treatment by a healthcare professional. If you are ill or need medical assistance for any other reason, you should contact your GP. When your GP is unavailable and you can’t wait, call the out-of-hours number 116 117.

Call 113 when it's urgent and life-threatening.

Responsibility for the content 

Publisher and editor

The Norwegian Directorate of Health is responsible for providing the information on Helsenorge, and is ethically and legally responsible. The legal responsibility applies to, among other things, the Regulations on Universal Design, the Intellectual Property Rights Act, the Penal Code and the Language Act. The publisher is also responsible for getting actors in the health sector to contribute information.

Norsk helsenett is product owner for Helsenorge and is responsible for further development, application management and operation of the platform.


Norsk helsenett has editorial responsibility for Helsenorge and is responsible for complying with applicable laws, regulations and quality guidelines. Norsk helsenett is responsible for following all applicable legislation, including the Regulations on Universal Design, the Intellectual Property Rights Act, the Penal Code and the Language Act in particular.

Norsk helsenett is responsible for ensuring that the content is developed in line with the product strategy and content strategy for Helsenorge. Norsk helsenett is also responsible for presentation of the content on Helsenorge and for ensuring that local editorial teams who provide content to Helsenorge are familiar with the content strategy and quality guidelines.

Data processing

Norsk helsenett is the data controller. This means we are responsible for the processing of personal data on Helsenorge's public pages. We are also responsible for operation and maintenance of the website.

Unless otherwise stated, the information that is collected will be stored on servers operated by Norsk helsenett (NHN).

Contact details

Guidance Helsenorge
Call 23 32 70 00
Monday – Friday 08:00–15:30

Data Protection Officer
You will find contact details for NHN's Data Protection Officer here.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority
The Data Protection Authority is the supervisory body and is responsible for ensuring that laws and regulations applying to the processing of personal data are being followed.
Telephone number: 22 39 69 00
Email: postkasse@datatilsynet.no
Organisation number: 974761467

Editorial guidelines

Helsenorge's editorial guidelines can be found here (in Norwegian)

Links to other actors

Helsenorge's linking policy (in Norwegian)

Language policy for Helsenorge

The language policy covers texts in Bokmål and Nynorsk, as well as translations into Sámi and foreign languages.

Content provided by Norsk Helsenett

Norsk Helsenett. About Helsenorge. [Internet]. Oslo: The Norwegian Directorate of Health; updated Friday, May 12, 2023 [retrieved Sunday, July 14, 2024]. Available from: https://www.helsenorge.no/en/about-helsenorge/

Last updated Friday, May 12, 2023