Types of waiting times for investigation and treatment

Different types of treatment may have different waiting times. Here you will find information about what types of waiting times to consider when choosing a treatment centre.

The time you have to wait for treatment depends on where you are treated and the type of treatment you have been referred for. In the service Choose a treatment centre, you will find waiting times for investigations and treatments within:

  • physical health
  • mental health
  • substance abuse
  • habilitation
  • rehabilitation

Within these healthcare areas there are different types of waiting times to consider.

What does waiting time means?

Waiting time is the wait you have from when the treatment centre receives your referral until you can receive investigation or treatment. The waiting time shown for each treatment centre is the longest you can expect to have to wait before you can attend or be admitted to the treatment centre.

Each waiting time is an estimate and not the exact length of time you have to wait.

Content provided by The Norwegian Directorate of Health

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Last updated Friday, October 6, 2023