How to request a supervisory case

If you believe that your treatment or care was not as it should have been, you can ask the County Governor to initiate a supervisory case.

Explain what happened

Write a letter in which you include information about yourself, the person/organisation you are appealing against, and what happened.

About you

Start by stating your name, address and telephone number.

If you are appealing on behalf of someone else, you should also include the name and contact details of the person concerned. You should also enclose your power of attorney.

About the person/organisation you are appealing against

A supervisory case may concern an organisation or an individual person.

If you wish to appeal regarding your GP, community nurse, nursing home, nursing home or other municipal service, please state the service that your appeal concerns.

If you do not receive the services you believe you are entitled to at a hospital, you should state the part of the hospital that your appeal concerns, e.g.:

  • clinic
  • department
  • ward

If the case concerns an individual, you should also state the person's name and position.

About what happened

Give a detailed description of what happened, including the time and place.

Find the contact details for the County Governor in your county

You can find contact details as follows:

Submit your appeal

You can send your appeal as a letter to the postal address under contact details.

You can also submit your appeal online by clicking "Secure message" on the same page. Your appeal will be submitted faster if you use this option.

Your health data will be processed securely regardless of whether your use ordinary post or a secure message. We do not recommend sending sensitive information in an ordinary e-mail.

The County Governor will acknowledge receipt of your letter. You will also be notified of their conclusions once your case has been considered.

Call if you are unable to send a letter

If it would be difficult for you to send a letter, you can still submit your appeal in another way.

Contact the County Governor in your county and ask what you should do. For contact details, go to, select your county and then click "Contact us".

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