Complaints and compensation claims

If you are not satisfied with the healthcare or social services you have received, or you have questions concerning your rights as a patient, you can file a complaint.

The Health and Social Services Ombudsman can assist you by assessing your case and providing advice and guidance.

Appeal form

All hospitals in the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør Øst) provide an online form for appealing a decision concerning your rights, except: 

  • Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital (Lovisenberg Diakonale Sykehus) 
  • Diakonhjemmet Hospital 
  • Lillehammer Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases 
  • Betanien Hospital Skien 

Appeal form 

The deadline for appealing a decision from Helfo is normally 6 weeks from the date you received the decision.

Health and Social Services Ombudsman

The ombudsman can help you with questions about health services and provide advice and guidance concerning your rights.