View your medicines online

Once you have received an electronic prescription from your GP, you can log in to Helsenorge to view a summary of your prescriptions and the medicines you are taking.

Doctor writing a prescription

​By logging in to Helsenorge, you can view a summary of your prescriptions and dispensed medicines for the past three years.

Depending on the level of consent you have chosen, your prescriptions will appear in various places on your Helsenorge pages.

The Medicines service requires consent to Full access

This service replaced, which was withdrawn on 15 September 2018.

You can also be authorised to view other people's medicines and prescriptions, in order to help them keep track of their medication.

The Medicines service requires consent at Full access level.

Other places you can view your prescriptions on Helsenorge

If you do not wish to consent to Full access, you can still view your prescriptions on Helsenorge without going via the Medicines service. The following services only require consent at Basic access level or above:

The Medicines service on Helsenorge

​Helsenorge collects your active prescriptions from the Prescription Intermediary, which is a national database for electronic prescriptions, and your historical prescriptions from your Summary Care Record.

Prescriptions are shown in a list together with information about dispensed medicines and other pharmacy products. Paper and telephone prescriptions are also shown once they have been collected from the pharmacy.

In the dispensing history, you will see a list of dispensed prescriptions for up to the past three years.

Other people's prescriptions and medicines

In the prescription view, you can also view your children's prescriptions until they reach the age of 16. You must then opt to represent the child concerned, in the services on Helsenorge.

You will also see the prescriptions of other people who have given you power of attorney if this has been registered in the self-service solution on Helsenorge. In the same way as for children, you must then opt to represent the person who has given you power of attorney.

Want an overview on paper?

If you do not wish to use the overview on Helsenorge, you can ask for an overview on paper.

Ask your general practitioner (GP) for a printout showing the medicines and items that you are using – both e-prescriptions and paper prescriptions.

Pharmacies and bandagists can also provide you with a printout showing e-prescriptions with outstanding dispensings.

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