About the summary care record

The summary care record provides healthcare professionals with fast access to key information about your health. Your summary care record will be particularly useful if you become acutely ill.

What is a summary care record?

The summary care record is a digital, national health system that shares health data across the health services. Healthcare professionals can view your health data regardless of whether they work at a hospital, GP surgery, out-of-hours medical service or in municipal nursing and care services.

For example, if you are admitted to a hospital you have never attended before, healthcare professionals will quickly be able to look up your summary care record and access key information about your health. This can help ensure that you receive the right treatment more quickly if you become acutely ill.

Please note that the solution is not yet used by all out-of-hours medical services and municipalities.

Norsk Helsenett is responsible for the summary care record.

Who has a summary care record?

All residents of Norway have a summary care record, with the exception of those who have opted out.

Summary care records are also automatically created for children. When children turn 16 years of age, they can obtain digital access to their own summary care record on Helsenorge as long as they have a BankID.

What is the difference between a summary care record and patient records?

The summary care record collects a selection of key information about your health that is available to all treatment providers. Your patient records contain health data relating only to treatment you have received at hospital.

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What the summary care record contains

Your summary care record collects data from several sources and makes this health data available to healthcare professionals. You can also log in to check that your health data is correct.

Making your own entries

If you enter key health information in your summary care record, healthcare professionals will be able to obtain a more complete picture of you and your health. This could be important if you become acutely ill.

Data you can enter yourself:

Who has access to your summary care record?

When you receive healthcare, information relating to your health and treatment will be entered in your patient records at the place at which you receive treatment.

Documents in patient records at a hospital can be shared with others via the summary care record. This means that if you subsequently receive treatment elsewhere, documents from your patient records can be made available via the summary care record. Each hospital will determine which documents to share.

Only authorised healthcare professionals have access to your summary care record when you receive treatment. They will also be able to access it when they plan and monitor your treatment.

Healthcare professionals have access to information about you either directly via the summary care record portal or by requesting that the data is delivered to a professional system.

You can see any disclosure of data under “Usage log” when you have logged in to your summary care record at Helsenorge.

You can limit which people can access your summary care record.

You can limit how your summary care record will be used and who should have access to information about your health.

By logging in, you can:

  • Remove access to the summary care record on Helsenorge
  • Opt out of having a summary care record, including for your children
  • Opt in and restore access (within 30 days)
  • Block access for named healthcare professionals
  • Block the overview of your appointments at hospitals and with specialists for all healthcare professionals
  • Restrict access to all or parts of your summary care record for all healthcare professionals
  • Receive notifications when healthcare professionals have accessed or made changes to your summary care record

Would you prefer to complete a paper form?

If you would like to change who has access to your summary care record and you are unable to log in to do so, you can also complete a paper form.

You can find the form for making changes to your summary care record here (in Norwegian)

Which documents are available to healthcare professionals in your summary care record?

Healthcare professionals can also look at your previous medical records:

  • Discharge summaries and summaries: brief descriptions of e.g. health status, treatment and examinations (unlimited in terms of time, from the date on which healthcare professionals access and retrieve documents from your summary care record).
  • Radiology descriptions, e.g. x-rays, MRI, CT and PET scans (dating five years back in time).
  • Referrals (dating one year back in time)
  • Test results (dating one year back in time)

Content provided by Norsk Helsenett

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