Substance abuse – Services available to next of kin

There are many organisations offering support and guidance to next of kin. Their services are free and you do not need a referral.

General services for next of kin

The municipal family welfare offices provide guidance and advice to help you deal with various types of family challenges and crises. You will find your nearest family counselling office here (in Norwegian).

Pårø (in Norwegian) is a website for all types of next of kin, regardless of life situation or how closely related they are to the person concerned. On this website, you will find professional information, good advice and information about rights and services available across the country. You can also read about the experiences of other people’s next of kin.

National support services for users or their next of kin relating to substance abuse and addiction

If you need more information or have any questions, there are websites, along with chat services and helplines:

RUSinfo (in Norwegian) is a website with lots of information about drug addiction. They can also answer questions about substance abuse via chat or phone.

The next of kin helpline 800 40 567 is an anonymous, low-threshold service for anyone affected by other people's substance use and mental health challenges. The helpline is operated by other people who are next of kin themselves.   

Barn av rusmisbrukere (BaR) (in Norwegian) offers a range of nationwide support services for young people aged between 12 and 30, including chat, video call and group services.

Hjelpelinjen for spillavhengige offers guidance via phone or chat for problem gamblers and their families.

Blå Kors kompasset (in Norwegian) offers web-based therapy and counselling for young people aged between 13 and 35 who have grown up in a home with alcohol or other substance abuse problems.

There are also group counselling services for people with substance abuse problems and their next of kin. Their main focus is on alcohol. Find out more about Familieklubbene i Norge and Al-Anon (in Norwegian) by clicking on the links.

Next of kin organisations within substance abuse and addiction problems

A-larm (in Norwegian) is a nationwide user and next of kin organisation for substance abuse. Their main focus is on alcohol.

Ivareta (in Norwegian) is the next of kin organisation for relatives of substance abusers across the country.

Barn av rusmisbrukere (BaR) (in Norwegian) is the national user and interest organisation for children of substance abusers.

Det hjelper, user and next of kin organisation (in Norwegian), is a nationwide Christian interest organisation for substance abuse problems.

Minoritetenes interesseorganisasjon (MIO) (in Norwegian) is a religiously independent user and next of kin organisation for minorities. The organisation highlights the needs and challenges facing minorities in the areas of substance abuse, mental health and migration.

Spillavhengighet Norge (in Norwegian) is the nationwide user and next of kin organisation for gambling addiction.

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