User fees for treatment by a psychologist

You can have a proportion of your costs covered for treatment by a psychologist who specialises in clinical psychology. You will normally have to pay a user fee, which will count towards your exemption card for health services.

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You will need a referral from a doctor, psychologist or child welfare officer to have your expenses covered. Without a referral, you can have up to three assessment appointments covered.

In order for you to be entitled to benefits from the National Insurance scheme, your psychologist must have an agreement with Helfo regarding direct settlement. You need to clarify thisbefore the examination and treatment starts. The psychologist is obliged to inform you before the treatment starts if he or she does not have a direct settlement with Helfo, so you will know whether or not you have to pay the entire bill yourself. This obligation follows from section 6 of the Health Personnel Act.

In order for you to have your expenses covered, the psychologist must have a funding contract with a regional health authority. You can find out whether a psychologist has such a contract either by asking the psychologist directly or by visiting the website of your regional health authority.

If you go to a psychologist who does not have a funding contract, you will have to cover all the costs yourself.

You can seek treatment within the EU/EEA, pay your expenses and submit an application to Helfo in order to have a proportion of your expenses covered.

Paying user fees for treatment by a psychologist

You must pay a fixed user fee for each treatment appointment you have with a psychologist. 

The user fee varies according to how long the consultation lasts. Approved user fees are stipulated in the Regulations pursuant to Section 5-7 of the National Insurance Act.

Psychologist User fee
Ordinary user fee (1/2 or 1 hour) NOK 386
Session 1.5 hours NOK 579
Session 2 hours NOK 772
Session 2.5 hours ​NOK 965
Session 3 hours NOK 1,158
Group therapy, at least 2 hours NOK 386
Group therapy, at least 3 hours NOK 579

The user fee is included in the basis for exemption cards for health services.

You will find your exemption card and decision notification when you log in to Helsenorge.

You will receive a text message or e-mail when the decision concerning your exemption card has been made, depending on the options you selected at Helsenorge.

If you have overpaid, you will automatically be refunded the amount you are entitled to.

Children and adolescents do not have to pay user fees for treatment by a psychologist

Children and adolescents under the age of 18 do not have to pay a user fee for treatment by a psychologist.

If you believe a psychologist has overcharged you, you should discuss the matter with the psychologist. You can also bring up the matter with your regional health authority.

Psychologists with a funding contract

Below, you will find links to the websites of each health region, with an overview of psychologists who have a funding agreement with a regional health authority (only in Norwegian):




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