Pregnancy weeks 13 and 17

From weeks 13 and 14, the baby starts to move and may hiccup, but the movements are often too small to be felt. Some women start becoming aware of their baby moving as early as week 15, 16 or 17, but most find it takes a little longer than this.

Gravid i andre trimester

Pregnancy weeks 13 and 14

The womb is the size of a grapefruit and getting heavier. It will normally gain between one and four kilograms in weight. Any pregnancy-related nausea has usually worn off by this time too.​

Urine, nails  og hiccuping

The baby’s organs are continuing to grow and most of them are now in place. Urine production begins, and the nails have developed on the fingers and toes. Thin hairs grow on the body of the baby which protect its skin. The baby starts to move and may hiccup, but the movements are often too small to be felt.

All nutrients are passed to the baby via the placenta. The length of the baby from head to buttocks is between 60 and 74 millimetres.

Pregnancy weeks 15, 16 and 17

The stomach is growing and will normally be visible to other people. During this phase, some women start to become aware of their baby moving, but most find that this takes a little longer.

Emotions can become volatile, and many people experience mood swings. Irrational dreams, thoughts and fantasies are common.

Your nose may start to feel more blocked than usual due to swelling of your mucous membranes. You may also find that you are sweating more than usual due to the increased amount of blood in your body. You will also get out of breath more easily than normal because your heart has to supply enough oxygen for two people.

Fungal infections are common during pregnancy. Symptoms are itching of the vagina and abdomen with discharge. The infection can be treated: Talk to your GP or midwife.

Doubling in weight

Within two weeks, the weight of your baby has doubled from approximately 80 to 160 grams. The sucking reflex is developing and your baby will start to suck on its fingers.