Pregnancy weeks 27 and 28

At this stage of pregnancy, it is not uncommon to experience skin changes, such as red dots on the face, upper arms and upper body. This is due to changes in blood vessels and will disappear after pregnancy.

Pregnant woman looking out the window

Pigment stripes on the abdomen

Stretch marks, pigment spots and/or a dark pigment stripe across the middle of the abdomen are also common. These normally disappear or fade after birth. The nipples and surrounding area can also darken.

Pressure and movement from the baby may affect your quality of sleep, and it can be difficult to get enough sleep. It is important to make sure you rest whenever you can.

You may experience gestational itching. This is normally nothing to worry about, but you should ask your midwife or GP for guidance and advice.

The baby opens its eyes

The baby now weighs between 1,000 and 1,400 grams. The eyes open for the first time. Vision continues to develop during both the foetal stage and the neonatal period.

A pattern of foetal activity and rest occurs. You may experience jolts in the form of sudden noises or movements. You can get to know your baby’s pattern of movements by setting aside some time each day to feel for its kicks and movements. For more information, visit (in Norwegian).

During this period, most babies will be oriented with their head down inside the pelvis. For those that are not, there is still time to turn around.