Pregnancy weeks 6, 7 and 8

During week 6, 7 or 8, many women now start to notice one or more signs that they are pregnant.

Tired pregnant

It is common to feel tired at this stage of pregnancy.

Early signs of pregnancy

Possible signs that you are pregnant are:

  • enlarged breasts
  • heartburn
  • increased discharge (which is normal, provided that it does not itch, sting, smell or hurt)
  • dirty skin
  • clothes start to feel tighter

It is also common to feel nauseous, dizzy and tired. Making sure you get enough fluids, food, sleep and rest can help to relieve discomfort.

Your digestion slows down and you start to feel fuller sooner when you eat. Some women also feel bloated.

Bleeding is common

​Bleeding is common during the early stages of pregnancy, even if the pregnancy is developing normally. If you experience painful bleeding, it is recommended that you contact your GP or midwife.

Organs are formed

Organs such as the liver, lungs, pancreas and thyroid gland develop, and a chamber forms in the heart. The heart fills the entire chest cavity and the stomach is a fluid-filled cavity in the abdominal area.

Upper arms and forearms develop and grow, and the fingers and toes also start to form. The intestinal system is formed, and the umbilical cord develops. The vertebrae have closed and the ribs on the back begin to grow.

The foetus gradually starts to resemble a human being. On the baby’s face, you will be able to see the early stages of the development of the tip of the nose, the eyelids and the upper lip, as well as the first signs of an opening for the mouth. The chin is also starting to take shape. The lenses in the eyes have started to form, but it will be a while before the eyes are fully formed.

During week 8 of pregnancy, the length from the head to the buttocks is approximately 22 millimetres (2.2 centimetres).