Braces for children and young adults

Many children and young people today wear braces. Children and adolescents may be entitled to an allowance from Helfo of between 40 and 100 percent, depending on the type of treatment that the orthodontist believes is necessary. The coverage is based on fixed rates for dental treatment.

Tannregulering. Ung jente til tannbehandling.

​Helfo does not pay any allowances for cosmetic treatment only.

In order for the patient to be entitled to benefits, the treatment must have started no later than the year the patient turns 20, and the orthodontist must have an agreement for direct settlement with Helfo.
With direct settlement, the benefit is paid directly to the orthodontist, so the patient will only be charged the self-payment.


Orthodontists can set their own prices and may therefore charge more for treatment than the maximum amount that Helfo will cover. This means that patients must expect to pay some of the treatment cost themselves, including those entitled to 100 percent of the fixed rates.​

Does your child need braces?

If you think your child needs braces, consult your child's nearest public dental care clinic to get an examination. They can evaluate the need for orthodontic treatment. The same applies to young adults of 19 to 20 years of age. The dentist or the dental hygienist will examine the patient. The orthodontist will make an assessment and recommend treatment if necessary.

Sibling discount

Families with one or more children who get orthodontic treatment may be entitled to discounts. It is your duty as parent/guardian to inform the orthodontist and make sure he/she receives documentation of treatment of other children and that this treatment has caused you actual expenses.

In cases where the parents are separated, only the parent who receives childcare benefit for the siblings in question is entitled to receive these discounts.

If the siblings are half-siblings, it is a requirement that the childcare benefit is paid to the siblings common parent.

See the information from NAV about contributions from the other parent for special expenses such as braces, confirmation and glasses.(Only in norwegian.)

In cases where one or more siblings are adopted, the rules for sibling discount apply from the date of the adoption order.​

Braces for adults

​There are a few exceptions for allowances for orthodontic treatment for adults over 20 years. Contact your dentist/orthodontist for more information.