Norwegian National Contact Point for healthcare

Patients are entitled to receive healthcare in another EU/EEA country and subsequently apply for reimbursement of their expenses.

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Illustration: Morten Rakke / Helfo

Under the Patient Rights Directive, which entered into force in the EU in 2013, patients are entitled to take their rights to healthcare with them to other EU/EEA countries. To be eligible for reimbursement of out of pocket expenses, the healthcare must be equivalent to the healthcare the public health system would have covered in Norway.

In other words, patients are free to choose in which EU/EEA country they wish to receive healthcare.

The health services under Chapter 5 of the Norwegian National Insurance Act, the Norwegian Dental Health Services Act and the Norwegian Specialist Health Service Act are comprised by this scheme.

Norwegian citizens seeking to receive healthcare outside Norway

​Patients referred for examination or treatment in Norway may receive their healthcare in another EU/EEA country. They must pay for the healthcare out of pocket. If the terms and conditions are met, they will be eligible for subsequent reimbursement.

Click here for a list of the type of healthcare for which patients may apply for reimbursement of expenses (in Norwegian).

The reimbursement is limited to the amount that the equivalent health service would have cost the Norwegian public health system if the health service had been received in Norway. Travel expenses are covered only to a limited extent. You will not be reimbursed for more than if you had travelled to your nearest healthcare provider in Norway.

Priority-right patients (in Norwegian: «Rettighetspasienter») – those who are assessed as entitled to necessary healthcare from the specialist health service within a certain time limit – may apply for prior authorisation before travelling abroad for treatment.

EU/EEA citizens seeking to receive healthcare in Norway

​The new scheme also entails that citizens from other EU/EEA countries can come to Norway for treatment. These patients must pay out of pocket, and may later seek reimbursement from their home country depending on national legislation.

Click here for more information about being an EU/EEA citizen seeking to receive healthcare within the specialist health service in Norway.

Norwegian National Contact Point

​The Norwegian National Contact Point can provide details about the rules regarding reeimbursement of healthcare received outside of Norway, and issue information on behalf of other countries' national contact points (in Norwegian).

The Norwegian National Contact Point can provide information for people seeking to travel to Norway to receive healthcare. It also advises on the Norwegian health service.

The National Contact Point's telephone number is +47 23 32 70 00.

The lines are open from 8.00 a.m. until 3.30 p.m.