When will your child be offered vaccines?

Here is an overview of when your child will be offered vaccines as part of the Childhood Immunisation Programme.

Jente får vaksine

Health centres and the School Health Service provide both information on and the childhood immunisation programme to all children up to and including primary school age.

The first vaccine in the childhood immunisation programme is administered at six weeks old, and the last vaccine is administered at 12 years old (10th grade). If for some reason the child has not received one or more of the vaccines in the programme when it is usually offered, they are entitled to receive any of the vaccines included in the childhood immunisation programme until they turn 20.

What vaccines have my children received?

Check which diseases your children have been vaccinated against and when the vaccines were administered.

Vaccines for infants

6 weeks

Premature babies born before the 32nd week of pregnancy are recommended an extra dose of vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, poliomyelitis, Hib-infection and hepatitis B.

3 months

5 and 12 months

15 months

Vaccines for children of school age

2nd grade (7-years-old)

6th grade (11-years-old)

7th grade (12-years-old)

10th grade (15-years-old)

Vaccination guidance from The Norwegian Institute of Public Health

The vaccination guide for healthcare professionals contains information and guidelines on vaccines, vaccination, the vaccination programs in Norway, and the vaccination of specific groups.

Content provided by Norwegian Institute of Public Health

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