The Norwegian health authorities’ COVID-19 helpline

The helpline is a national service which answers questions about COVID-19/coronavirus. The helpline is open 8am - 3.30pm every day except Saturdays and Sundays.

The helpline operators can answer questions about rules, advice and recommendations and provide general information about COVID-19.

The operator will be able to see your phone number, but you do not need to tell them your name.

If you provide sensitive information about matters which should be passed on to another authority, you can decide whether or not to give your name and contact details. 

The number is 815 55 015.

The helpline has operators who can answer in: Norwegian and English. The number is the same for all languages: 815 55 015. For menu in English press 9.

If you are calling from abroad, you must dial +47 21 89 80 42. 

Need medical care

If you are ill and need medical care, you should contact your GP, rather than calling the helpline. If you or someone you know is in need of urgent medical care, call 116 117. In the case of life-threatening illness or injury, call 113.

Topics that are not handled by the information hotline

The information hotline is operated by the Norwegian Directorate of Health. Some topics are therefore handled by others. 

Rules for entry to other countries:

The information hotline can not answer questions about rules for entry to other countries.

You will need to familiarize yourself with the general travel advice for the country you are travelling to. See Re-Open EU for updated information on EU countries' rules and restrictions.


Employers and employees can contact the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority with questions related to entry into Norway, quarantine rules and infection control at work.

You can find the contact details for the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority here (

You can find further information on the measures for infection control at work here ( (in Norwegian).


The responsibility for the Norwegian coronavirus vaccination program lies with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Questions related to vaccination and your own status of health should be directed to your local municipality or to your doctor.

Local information:

Questions related to local rules and recommendations as implemented by the local municipalities cannot be handled by the national information hotline. Please refer to the website of the local municipality.

Reporting a criminal offence:

Reports related to a potential criminal offence (i.e. acts not in compliance with measures for infection control that are regulated by law) should be directed to the police. Reports of violations related to other measures of infection control - e.g. at a school - should be directed to the local municipality.

Violations related to measures for infection control at the workplace should be reported to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority (