Upon arrival in Norway

Once you have arrived in Norway, you are entitled to healthcare if you need it. If you are pregnant, ill and/or need medication, you should receive healthcare as soon as possible.

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Asylum seekers and refugees from Ukraine

  • Refugees from Ukraine receive collective protection in Norway.
  • In order to access healthcare in Norway, you must register as an asylum seeker (politiet.no).
  • When you register, you will receive an ID called a D-number.
  • The D-number can be used to access your health information.

Registration for healthcare

In order to access healthcare in Norway, you must register as an asylum seeker. You can now register as an asylum seeker (politiet.no) in 18 locations around the country. Contact the local police where you are in order to register. 

Tuberculosis examination

When you arrive in Norway, you must be tested for tuberculosis (fhi.no). This applies to anyone who comes from a country where tuberculosis is prevalent. You will be examined within two weeks of your arrival.

If you are over the age of 10, you will be examined via an X-ray of the lungs. If you are under the age of 10, an assessment will be made by health personnel. Read more about the tuberculosis examination of children (pdf).

All treatment for tuberculosis is free of charge.  

You will recover from tuberculosis

You will recover from tuberculosis


All vaccination is voluntary in Norway. Everyone over the age of 15 will be offered a coronavirus vaccine after arriving (fhi.no) in Norway.

If you are an adult and have not had measles or rubella and have not been vaccinated against these diseases either, you will be offered a vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella no later than one year after your arrival. The same applies to the vaccine against polio.

Vaccination in reception centres

To prevent outbreaks of disease where people live close together, you and your children will be offered a vaccine against measles and COVID-19. You will receive this offer within the first few days after arriving at a reception centre. You can choose whether you or your child wish to accept the offer.

Medical examination three months after arrival in Norway

Three months after you arrive in Norway, you as an asylum seeker or refugee will be offered a medical examination. It is usually a nurse who examines you.

If you need more healthcare, you will get an appointment with a doctor.

Content provided by The Norwegian Directorate of Health

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