About illnesses and critical information

You can help improve your summary care record by checking that all critical information has been registered and by entering your own data.

Enter your own medical history

You can add any illnesses or medical conditions that you have or have had in the past and that you would like health professionals to be aware of when they treat you.

Speak to your GP first if you have any doubts about whether or not to add a medical condition.

Unable to log in to add your own entries?

You can use the paper form to register your medical history (pdf, in Norwegian).

Check whether any critical information is missing

Critical information contained in the summary care record refers to information relating to you that healthcare professionals must be aware of. Such health data may affect the choice of examination, treatment and monitoring.

You cannot enter critical information yourself. The registration of critical information will generally take place in consultation with you during an appointment or treatment.

Please contact your GP if you believe that any critical information is missing.

What the information is used for

Registered information about you will be available to healthcare professionals via your summary care record.

The summary care record ensures that healthcare professionals can look up and view key information about you as a patient, regardless of whether they are working as a GP, at the accident and emergency ward or at a hospital. This can help ensure that you receive quick and correct healthcare, especially in an emergency situation.

Read more about the summary care record and what it is used for.

Are you looking for your blood type?

Unfortunately, you cannot find information about your blood type on Helsenorge. Healthcare professionals will always test if they need to know your blood type, for example in connection with blood transfusions or pregnancy.

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