How to apply for a travel allowance

You may be entitled to reimbursement for patient travel expenses when you travel to or from treatment which is covered by the public health service.

Can I apply?

You will normally be reimbursed for your expenses for patient travel at a fixed amount per kilometre (standard rate), regardless of the form of transport that you use. You will have to pay a user fee for your travel if you do not have an exemption card.

In order to receive a travel allowance, the distance to the treatment centre must exceed ten kilometres each way. The general rule is that the journey must also pass through more than one rate zone.

You can apply after you have completed the journey.

You must send in your application no later than six months after the date of treatment.

Your travel expenses will be reimbursed if:

  • you have travelled to treatment which is covered by the public health service.
  • the journey is longer than ten kilometres each way. You can claim reimbursement for journeys which are less than ten kilometres if your treatment provider documents that it was necessary to travel by private car or taxi for health reasons.
  • the journey crosses several rate zones for public transport. Journeys which are entirely within a single rate zone will not normally be covered through the patient travel scheme. This is independent of the means of transport that is used. The exception to this rule is if your treatment provider documents that it was necessary to travel by private car or taxi for health reasons. You may also be able to claim your expenses within a single rate zone if you are unable to reach your treatment centre by public transport. Remember to explain this in your application.

To apply for reimbursement for additional expenses such as car ferries, parking and road tolls when you have to travel by car because of your health, you must obtain documentation from the treatment provider. Here, you will find a template for the documentation you need, which your treatment provider can fill in for you.

If you travelled by car because no public transport is available on the route, Pasientreiser will document it for you and you will need to explain this when you apply. If you do not have any documentation to prove that you had to travel by car, you will be reimbursed at a standard rate per kilometre.

How to apply digitally

By logging in here to Helsenorge, you can apply digitally for support for patient travel to and from officially approved treatment.

You can digitally search Helsenorge if you are searching as a

  • patient over the age of 16 who has travelled either alone or with a travel companion
  • guardian on behalf of your own children under the age of 18
  • proxy

How to apply digitally for reimbursement for patient travel.

How to apply on paper

If you do not wish to use the digital service, you can apply for reimbursement for your travel expenses to and from treatment by submitting a travel expenses claim form on paper.

You can apply using the paper form for all travel. However, for some patient journeys, you will need to use the paper version of the application form, rather than the digital version. This applies if you are a patient and have travelled to courses or training, when traveling on leave due to a life-threatening illness, received treatment in another EEA country or travelled for treatment arranged by Oslo University Hospital.

The same applies if you apply as a:

  • guardian
  • foster parent
  • next of kin
  • travel companion

The travel expenses claim form must then be sent via a secure messaging service (you must log in via the ID portal when you click on the link) or to the following postal address: Pasiontreiser HF, PO Box 2533 Kjørbekk, 3702 Skien

Special cases

Some travel also needs to be treated in a special way. This is travel relating to:

  • organ donation
  • tuberculosis checkups
  • deadline breaches
  • secret address
  • children in vulnerable family situations
  • applications on behalf of a deceased patient

Read more about special travel here.

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