Pregnancy weeks 21 and 26

You are now over halfway through your pregnancy and you may gradually start feeling movements on the outside of your stomach. The baby has spells when it is awake and when it is sleeping.

Pregnant looking at her belly

Week 21, 22 og 23

Your pregnancy has reached the halfway stage and you will be able to feel yourself physically and mentally preparing for childbirth and becoming a parent. Many people find that they are focussing more attention on their impending child and less on the outside world.

The ligaments of the pelvis become increasingly elastic. For some women, standing or walking can be painful. Standing up and climbing stairs can also be difficult.

The teeth start to form

A lot happens during this period: The teeth start to form in the gums, the eyelids cover the whole of the eyes, and the nails have grown out. Lungs and respiratory tracts develop further in order to breathe in air. The pancreas has also begun to produce hormones and insulin.

The baby has spells when it is awake and when it is sleeping. The baby normally weighs just over 500 grams at this stage.

Week 24, 25 og 26

You will now also be able to feel your baby’s movements on the outside of your abdomen. You will feel kicks on a daily basis too. The baby’s movements are a sign that it is developing normally and doing well.

Your constantly growing womb may start to squeeze your bladder, nerves, blood vessels and stomach. More frequent visits to the toilet, cramp in your calves and heartburn can be tiresome.

Dizziness when lying on your back is also common because the womb presses on the vein that transports the blood back to the heart. Often, all you need to do is turn onto your side.

Your breasts continue to grow to prepare for milk production.

Hearing matures

The baby can now hear its mother's heartbeat and breathing, as well as voices "out there". It will weigh between 650 and 900 grams.