Accessing your test results

By logging in to Helsenorge, you can access results from selected tests and medical examinations from hospitals under the Western Norway Regional Health Authority, results from Covid tests, and results from the national test result service (“Pasientens prøvesvar”).

Test results from hospitals in Helse Vest (Western Norway Regional Health Authority) 

You do not need to take any further action when viewing your test results. Your healthcare professional, or the physician who ordered the test, will contact you if your results need to be discussed. The laboratory or radiology department cannot send or discuss test results with you. 

You should not make any changes to your medication or other treatments without discussing this with your doctor. 

The access log for your patient record contains a list of healthcare professionals who have viewed your test results. 

Covid test results

When you take a Covid test, you can access the test result on Helsenorge by logging on to the portal, as well as any other tests done in connection with the Covid test. 

Test results from the national test results service (“Pasientens prøvesvar”)

This service is currently in a trial phase and is not used by the healthcare services yet. A limited number of GPs currently have access to the service to view their patients’ test results in order to do testing and quality assurance before the service is fully implemented for the healthcare sector and the public. 

The new service will enable you to view all the results from tests and examinations by logging on to Helsenorge. It is scheduled to be launched in 2024, The current service will remain in place until then. 

While the new service is in development, information about your test results is being uploaded for future access. 

Read more about the national test results service at

You can opt out of having your test results stored 

If you do not want your personal information to be stored in the service, you may opt out at any time and without providing a reason. Your personal information will be deleted, and none of your future personal information will be stored. 

You can opt out online or by submitting a physical form. 

Blocking or restricting access for healthcare professionals 

You can prevent healthcare professionals from accessing your test results by: 

  • Restricting access for all healthcare professionals, or 
  • Blocking access for specific (named) healthcare professionals 


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