Logging in to Helsenorge

Many of the services at Helsenorge contain personal health data and therefore require the highest level of security when you log in.

Log in to Helsenorge

You can use

  • BankID and BankID on mobile
  • Buypass ID
  • Commfides e-ID
  • the Helsenorge app

to log in to Helsenorge and access services such as Medicines, Exemption card and user fees, Changing doctor/GP etc.

BankID and BankID on mobile

You can log in to services with the highest level of security using BankID. You can use any type of BankID, including BankID on mobile.

How to log in using the BankID app:

  1. Select BankID, not BankID on mobile.
  2. Select BankID app as the method.
  3. Accept the notification on your mobile. If you have an Apple phone or tablet, you can just tap the notification to accept it without having to open the app.
  4. Enter your BankID password.

How to log in using a BankID security token (“kodebrikke”):

  1. Enter your national ID number (11 digits).
  2. Select BankID with security token as the method.
  3. Enter the one-time code from your security token.
  4. Enter your personal password.

How to log in using BankID on mobile:

  1. Select BankID on mobile.
  2. Enter your mobile number (8 digits) and date of birth (ddmmyy). Click Next.
  3. You will then see a reference code on the screen.
  4. Check that the reference code on your mobile matches the one on the screen and click ACCEPT on your mobile to continue.
  5. Enter your self-selected ID PIN (4-8 digits) on your mobile to complete the login.

Having problems logging in with BankID?

If you are unable to log in using a BankID, there may be something wrong with the settings on your computer. You can test your settings on this page (bankid.no). Contact your bank if you cannot find anything wrong. They will be able to help you.

Buypass ID

Buypass ID on smart card

To log in using Buypass on smart card, you need a smart card reader connected to your computer. You must also have installed the necessary software supplied with the card reader. Remember to make sure your Java version is updated.

Smart cards and card readers from Buypass can be ordered on Buypass's website. The card is valid for three years.

Player cards from Norsk Tipping are also Buypass cards and can be used for logging in. If you ordered the player card online, it will be ready to use in self-service solutions requiring the highest level of security. If you purchased the card from a distributor, you must upgrade the card before you can use it for logging in.

Buypass ID in mobile

If you are already using Buypass ID on smart card, activating Buypass ID in mobile is easy. Go to the service you want to log in to and select Buypass ID in mobile. You will then be guided on what to do next.

If you have not used Buypass ID on smart card before, you will need to sign up as a customer before you can use Buypass ID in mobile.

Commfides e-ID

Commfides e-ID is a personal electronic ID which provides the highest level of security.

Commfides e-ID is supplied as a secure USB stick. You log in using the USB stick and a PIN.

To use Commfides e-ID, you must have a Norwegian national ID number or D number.

The Helsenorge app

You can log into the services via the Helsenorge app.

You can sign into the app by

  • facial recognition
  • fingerprint
  • personal password

You do not need to use "ID-porten" every time you access the services.

The app gives you shortcuts to all the services you have access to at Helsenorge. The services can be accessed directly from the browser on your mobile.

Read more about the Helsenorge app (in Norwegian).

Security when logging in

When you log in to Helsenorge, make sure you are on the ID portal, the national authentication service provided by the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency (formerly Difi). The address starts with https://login.idporten.no and the connection will then be secure.

You will see a padlock icon on the address bar. This means that your web browser is sending data encrypted. You can click the icon in the address bar to view details about security and the certificate. Check that the certificate for the pages is valid and was issued by the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency.

Problems logging in?

Guidance Helsenorge

23 32 70 00

Monday-Friday from 08:00 to 15:30

The "ID-porten" helpline

800 30 300

Content provided by Norsk Helsenett

Norsk Helsenett. Logging in to Helsenorge. [Internet]. Oslo: The Norwegian Directorate of Health; updated Friday, June 16, 2023 [retrieved Wednesday, July 24, 2024]. Available from: https://www.helsenorge.no/en/personvern-og-nettsikkerhet/logging-in-to-helsenorge/

Last updated Friday, June 16, 2023